About Us

About Us

For so many of you who have visited Quest For Wellness, LLC through the years, first let us take a moment to “Thank You!” and say how much we cherish you and our time spent together! We welcome you to our new DBA HealthQuest Choices, to come in from the jungle…for your wellness destination!

You are likely familiar with Gary’s EDS (Voll Point testing) and Live Cell Analyses, with a good dose of humor!

Gary and Margo share a bit about themselves that makes a part of who they are…


Quest For Wellness, LLCGary completed his Doctorate eight-year college program in six years, having attended Wilburton Junior College, Oklahoma State University and Southern College of Optometry in Memphis. Tenn. In Oklahoma his license as an Optometric Physician covered the use of prescription diagnostic and therapeutic medication with hospital privileges. Upon setting up his private practice he also became a provider for the Northeastern Oklahoma Cherokee Nation Indian Health Services. A major highlight to his life and goals was the invitation and acceptance as a visiting Volunteer Optometric Doctor for the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, in Wallkill with his family. And later in Patterson., after moving to New York. This he did with full family support for 16 years. Through the years he could always expect something unexpected from Margo such as wanting to live in the jungles of Belize, Central America. After major surgerys wanting to join in full time volunteer ministry there, and they did. Where Gary met Don Elijio Panti, the Mayan Medicine man of Cayo district, meeting Rosita Arvigo who became his apprentice in her store in San Ignacio. , and ……….the 14th generation Bush Doctor with the jungle herbal remedy for deadly snake bites, in Punta Gorda. They also met and received Apprenticeship training and treatment from a Californian Acupuncturist living …in the jungle. When they moved back to the US, Gary jokingly said, “We wanted to stay in foreign service, so we moved to Arkansas!” As it turned out, Arkansas was a Meca for Alternative Health Care making headway in the movement of Alternative Medicine toward recognition under the arrangement of Naturopathic, Holistic and Homeopathic Doctors. Then visiting in the Southernmost district of Punta Gorda, the Bush Doctor, Mancel Pratt, also known as the ‘Snake doctor.’ Mancel Pratt was the 14  generation bush doctor that held the jungle herbal remedy for deadly snake bites. To that date his ancestors and he had never lost a patient.  (Today his son Desmond Pratt of Desmond Nature Tours, Punta Gorda, carries on this generational gift and treasure. One of Gary’s favorite Instructors has been Dr. Andreas Marx, a German Herbal and Alternative Educator and founder of Marco Pharma, a Professional line German Herbals and Nutritional Supplement company. Dr. Andreas Marx is the only educator now living directly taught by the Master, Dr. Voll himself. Dr. Marx says, “EDS is one of the finest methods to evaluate imbalances in Biological Medicine today.”

Gary and Margo were both raised in the agricultural communities of Oklahoma, with roots of a southern mix in a western culture. Gary’s family raised and preserved their fruit and vegetables, raised and dressed their meat for most of their food supplies. They raised Beafmaster, Hereford and Angus cattle and horses. Farming commercial crops, they grew various grains, peanuts, and baled hay.

German’s often have an affinity for mechanics and building equipment, with Gary’s dad being a great deal German the boys were adept in building and repairing farm equipment, welding, and tractor haul contests. Margo says, “Ask Gary sometime about Bugger Red!”

Gary was surprised as a teenager with his first pair of glasses to know what the telephone poles were for, because before glasses he had never seen the wires or the tops! You can say his “view” to life changed…”sometimes small corrections can make dramatic changes in people’s lives.” He learned with an unusual process of being open to new thoughts. As a young boy he was drowning in the pond when he thought to sink to the bottom so he could walk out…And he did!

Quest For Wellness, LLC

Getting to know Margo as an Herbalist…

"Margo is the best clinician I have ever met. She is careful, thorough, and unbiased in her examinations, as I know from talking over cases with her...She is just so darn careful and thorough. She has excellent training from Dr. Bruno Chikly, MD, DO in Lymphatic-based Therapeutics." "Margo was already a professional practitioner with an overflowing practice when I met her, ... She has an even, steady manner that inspires confidence in her clients and gives her a "therapeutic presence.' 'Her knowledge of the Lymphatic system in particular was so profound that I took lessons from her on some points. Her husband is a medical professional and they often talked over cases together...Margo being born in Oklahoma and part Native American; I introduced her to a friend who worked with her on herbal and traditional Cherokee medicine.”
Matthew Wood, M. Sc. (Herbal Medicine), RH (AHG) World Renowned Author and Educator

Love for people has been Margo’s motivating factor in her keen search for quality education from the ‘Masters’ and Modalities that can truly make a difference, she likes to think of this as a lighted path through the jungle.  Specializing with Brain & Lymph Drainage Therapy, & Emotional Traumas – in addition to the field of Herbalism.

These non-invasive hands-on techniques are wonderful for humans and animals. For you Equine Enthusiast… Horses love Brain & Lymph therapies and Margo’s Herbals! Margo finally got to go back full circle to her first passion with horses through therapy.

She and Gary studied in years past as a Blood Microscopists with extensive clinical hours and internship creating a base for complimentary education in Nutrition, Enzyme Therapies, Gut and Digestive health and detoxification.  As a Registered Herbalist, her dedication for continued leading edge practice, by entering the merging field of Bionetic technologies  to near completion as a Bionetic Naturopathic Consultant, and Naturopathic Doctor.

She was the first of two to pass and achieve the courses and testing for Lymphedema Congestive Decompression Physiotherapy (CDP) levels I & II, and Advanced Certification for Lymph Drainage Therapy, Credentialed then LLCC & LTC, through Dr. Chikly’s curriculum.   Join the first Brain Class…Becoming part of the Teachers Assistant Staff for LDT and Brain courses.

Margo’s path as an Educator:

Quest For Wellness, LLCMargo, nickname for Margaret, was raised from a toddler west of Welch Oklahoma and went to school in Welch, a small town with a large presence in sports, nestled in a ranching and farming community. As a toddler, she loved riding on the horse with her dad, J.T. Smith Lipscomb. By age three, when she began riding on her own, you could find her in the barn, or in a pasture on foot, or on top of a horse. She loved to sing, always singing at school, in the barn or pastures and whistling. Whistling was generally reserved for the ranch, the cattle or calling the horses. Her dad taught her to have special observation of plants, the horses and nature around her at all times. So, through those years riding and singing in the woods, meadows, and back country roads she had many experiences of animals such as deer, coyotes and bobcats coming out of hiding to watch and listen to her whistle or sing. With today’s technology and YouTube, scenes like this are often caught on camera. Among her Dad’s Registered Quarter Horses, which numbered about 21 on average, there were always colts to train and horses to exercise and recite the Quarter Horse Manual and bloodlines to potential buyers. Margo remarks that her dad was a true old-time cowboy, complete with his unique gentlemanly style of walk, talk, manners and integrity, and a very gifted horseman. His last cow horse Cotton (Cottontail) was known by many throughout the state. His Quarter Horse bloodline began with a thoroughbred mare he had as a young man, ‘Ole Night’, with his lineage including some of the old greats like “Little Joe Moore”, and “Man ‘O War” to Top Deck and Decka Center. Margo feels this unique childhood and time with her dad contributed to her therapeutic skills throughout her practice.


Quest For Wellness, LLCWhen Gary and Margo married, they were both single parents coming together in a blended family, raising their daughters Mystie and Kendra.

With little to no understanding of Margo’s physical chronic health issues that had worsened after Cytomegalovirus was misdiagnosed as mononucleosis in her teens, she eventually had to leave behind her life with horses There were numerous occasions Gary kept Margo alive, drawing from those roots of the small boy learning to have an open mind. Where Allopathic Medicine had no answers, he used these times as opportunities to expand his knowledge in Alternative medicine. As a team they became educated in many modalities not yet acknowledged like Iridology, Polarity, Colon Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy, and Acupuncture. Their volunteer activities were as Margo’s strength permitted, while maintaining Private Practices both in Oklahoma and New Jersey, moving to Warwick NY and next door, in Vernon, NJ. In 1999 they moved to Colorado and co-founded Quest For Wellness LLC, they experienced life like the quote from the movie “Joe Vs. the Volcano.” – ‘only a few people are awake, and they live in a state of constant total amazement.’

They have observed dramatic changes the human body and animal companions can make with ‘small corrections.’ Palpating with ‘therapeutic presence’ levels of body tissue with its intelligence that ‘truly make a difference’ – is to live in constant amazement! These background experiences set a foundation for the practice they have created together in passion for the gift of life.

As many Clients know, Margo had to take a sabbatical in recent years, as she improved, she reviewed countless historical herbal sources in creating the labor intensive Lalman Life Screening Instrument, to be used with Teleconference Consultations. They celebrated her academic enhancements qualifying for and becoming a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbal Guild. Making an outstanding trip to one of The American Guild Symposiums held in Georgia, allowing them to connect to her multiple family roots in Georgia and the Carolina’s; and Margo tapping into Native roots through Cherokee language courses. Together they are becoming established in the history and competent production of exotic and diverse Medicinal Orchid Species. When Margo is available in the office she looks forward to seeing all of you for her famous hugs! Oh, and Gary says, ‘Don’t ask her about horses!’

Post COVID seeing many worldwide changes and wellness challenges for the future, they were pleased to purchase the added Bionetic technology equipment with scanning and laser capabilities. Gary has now been involved with Margo, watching her progression through the Bionetic Naturopathic Consultant Program and use of the Bionetic technology Scans along with Voll Point Testing; Gary has joined the program for his Bionetic Naturopathic Consultant Board Certification.

The Meaning Behind Our Logo

Our Logo has had a few changes through the years, always with the earth global foundation showing a commitment to the use of natural plant products and therapies from around the world, tested by time and technology. The color range in the logo represents the balance of color and light in nature and the earth’s water – both vital for life. The Medicinal plant Vine and Flower is a representation for the medicinal Stanhopea species Orchid from the jungles of Central America and the many orchids used medicinally by the Mayan. We depict it cradling the earth with life sustaining protection. Some of the medicinal uses of this regal fragrant orchid have supportive life giving properties. There is a symbol imposed on the flower known for strength and humility that is currently referred to as the Cherokee symbol, more importantly coincides with the hyperbolic embryological patterns of stem cell production and disbursement through the body. Recent understanding of stem cell growth lends a thought of infinite possibilities in regenerative therapies. This logo is about our appreciation of the medicinal elements the Creator put in place, infinite components of wisdom and intelligence as illustrated, for life and its rejuvenating power.