beaty and spa detox

Beauty & SPA Detox

We offer a professional Steam Sauna cabinet with your HealthQuest Choice of Herbal blends in your steam or Essential Oils. Complete with Ozone for detoxification, rejuvenation skin health & beauty. Bring a gallon glass bottle with a plastic lid… (we can refer) for your complimentary gallon of ozonated water. Completed with Aromatic refreshing Cool & Wet cloth.

Energy Balancing Pulsar

Energy Balancing Pulsar is equipment that uses Analogue signals in a uniquely different delivery and wide range of frequencies.  Among the forms of energy used are Electrical, Magnetic and Radio frequencies that harmonize through vacuum conversion from digital to analogue signals.  This unique treatment creates a faster ,attuned, and body friendly experience with balancing  –  Like PEMF’s on Steroids!  Now with the new addition of the Magnetic Puck, Doctors are reporting even more rapid results with their patients..

These results of improvements have included the following:

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Language of Frequencies

You can expect your first session to run 30 minutes; if you arrange for a customized program the following sessions may take longer.

While the technology is fascinating and has years of history in the making, your body does the healing.  It prioritizes the tissue to use the elevated energy and supported frequencies in response to the stimulation and received messages.  You might say the Pulsar removes the road-blocks that prevent healing.  This is done to the level your body can improve with  proper nutrition and energy.  We at times have limits to the level our bodies can heal.

How would you feel, if you felt 40% or 60% better?​

For chronic conditions, consider us as a source for your home unit.

Energy Balancing Pulsar Footbath Detox with Professional Vitalizer – 30 minutes

With the Vitalizer Ionic Foot Spa Therapy, you can restore your energy reserves through the process of ionization which ‘re-energizes’ the body. Ionization is a natural process that we are all familiar with–the feel of the air after a rainstorm, or the energy felt by standing by a waterfall–both are highly charged with ions. Ions enter the body by food, air, and water. Since ions attach to minerals and that is how they usually get into the body, no wonder so many seaside resorts are said to be healing—its largely due the fact that the sea air is not only ionized but it is full of sea minerals!

Using a specialized formulated chloride blend sea-bed salts, in the Vitalizer, it not only invigorates the tissues and aids in the neutralization of acid build up, but ionized chloride aids the bodily functions necessary for the transport of nutrients across cell membranes and the elimination of cellular toxins. The Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium Chlorides in these Sea Bed Minerals not only rejuvenate, but they enhance hundreds of enzymatic functions. – The best part about this ‘salt blend’ is that the chloride isn’t heat treated and after it gets carried through to the tissues, it easily separates within the cell. Traditional TABLE SALT is TOXIC and Celtic Salt has too many other trace minerals to fully allow the chloride bath to really work its wonders!

This unique natural blend of salts from nature pulls out toxins, and infuses minerals in a balanced way back into body tissues. One of the simplest ways to increase the pH level of the cells without creating more intracellular pH imbalance. 

The structure of these Ancient Sea Bed minerals with small amounts of water,  increase the skin’s metabolism; making the whole body feel relaxed. Health & Harmony Salts relieve aching muscles and joints, caused by arthritis and rheumatism, and  aid in the healing of psoriasis and eczema, when combined with emotional release and stress reduction.

We are excited to include the addition of  Aromatherapy Flexatone Essential Oil protocols to enhance the ionic foot bath – creating an even more therapeutic experience

The Vitalizer Footbath is a sure way of facilitating cellular detoxification! We can provide you with your own Vitalizer Ionic Bath and Aromatherapy to take home with this special Ancient Sea Bed Salt.

If you’re interested in the Science of the Ionic Foot bath and Ancient Sea Bed Minerals read our detailed paper in HealthQuest Choices waiting room. 

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