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Lalman Life Screening Instrument, or LLSI is a system developed by Margo based on ancient to modern herbal practices from a wide range of herbal cultural Models. When making use of Eye, Facial, and Tongue indicators of imbalances and stress using a complete Professional Cross Reference of Constitutions, of cultural background approaches, and Intake Form provides a deeper constitutional assessment experience to take the guesswork out of a Teleconference Consultation. This provides a more substantial way to assess stressors for imbalances for the person who cannot visit us in person. This approach allows us the opportunity to know the “Whole” view of you beyond just the Asian/Ayurvedic approach. We like the thought of putting the “W” back into W-Holistic …Devoted to providing a ‘Individualized” approach for your body’s balancing and wellness. Even from a distance.

If you wish to send a lock of hair for a Teleconference, we can see more of the Iceberg effect…

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