Our Philosphy to Empower Yourself

Lifestyle with an Herbal and Naturopathic Approach

“Naturopathy is a philosophy, art and science. It recognizes the body’s inherent processes of healing and seeks to arouse, assist and cooperate with the body toward a restoration to normal.”

- Robert J. Thiel



Did you know that each organ in your body continually glides around or dances by their surrounding organs when unrestricted? To do so, each organ requires 8 ounces of water per day! (Reference French Osteopath, Dr. John Barral’s course curriculum of Visceral Manipulation). Without this water the body can accumulate restricted connective tissue and organs like scarred restrictions.

This can create pain. Dehydration can create a host of issues of headaches, brain fog, pain, asthma and many more conditions…how?

Our brain is comprised of 85% water and other body tissues are comprised of 75% water, at all time.  Now imagine a lime that loses its fluid, it dries and hardens.  If our body is suffering in such a way, body functions necessary for optimal health and wellbeing will decrease.  Consider also, children in their growth years become that become chronically dehydrated, their energy, thinking and overall healthy growth, can be inhibited.  With each organ that is using 8 ounces of water per day to move, slide and glide, there is also water inside of the organs as the lungs.  Imagine a bunch of grapes to represent lung tissue, each grape is filled with air, because as you breath out you expel water, if it isn’t replenished it becomes raisins.  And can create childhood asthma.  Your body will take water away from inside the cells, if you are not replenishing your water intake throughout the day.

We hear a lot about histamine reactions, and the continual histamine production that creates inflammation throughout our bodies.  Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D. states that histamine production is turned off by water.  If you would like to know more you’ll find this Dr’s video on YouTube and his book, “Your Body’s Many Cries For Water.”

How many ounces have you had today?

Life gives us opportunities to turn an important need into an enticing gift…Enjoy it!


Taking Responsibility! “Your body needs the support of quality nutrients to maintain health and… demands of modern living. Nature provides us with the perfect medicine: one of these is our daily food!” Nature has given us many gifts for health and wellness…

While all plants used for food will contribute some level of phytonutrients to the diet, organically-grown, whole, unprocessed foods provide the highest nutritional value. Filtered drinking water and steamed foods (rather than microwaved) also contribute by not adding toxins or changing the molecular structure of the natural products. 

Many people ask how can I make affordable eating changes?

These same individuals often habitually eat muffins, cookies, breads, and or use artificial sweeteners.  And many are consuming sweeteners in beverages they are drinking regularly from mixes, stores, or restaurants, along with good foods.  This would be the place to begin removing toxic food sources or those that are taking your energy away from your body. 

The answer would be whole live foods such as vegetables eaten raw or prepared simply with low heat or steam. It may not be easy to change but our willingness to change our eating habits provides the momentum for new, healthier habits to form.  The former desired processed items become less appealing.

Our modern diet is probably one of the most undervalued components of our lifestyle as we get tired, we think of treating ourselves for a night out.  If we acknowledge that health manifests on all levels –physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—the approach must include all levels.  When it becomes necessary for the physical, emotional body of a person, a dramatic shift in nutrition is often required wherein a person must release every one of his or her eating habits and take on the habits of eating certain foods that are much higher in nutrition.

We must acknowledge that if health manifests on all levels—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—then the approach must include all components.  

Which is why we here at HealthQuest Choices provide support for each.


View your diet as more than just a means to satisfy hunger; good nutrition is a critical key to good health. We gain energy for our bodies by eating food that has energy in it.


Healing & Exercise

Exercise that can provide strength training and cardiovascular exercise is another component or ‘slice of the pie’ of healthier living. Exercise reduces stress and promotes health—just don’t overdo it!  For many an established routine of walking distances is a good place to begin.  There are water aerobics that support your core, back and spine while building into strength training.  The added benefit of the water pool’s pressure supporting both superficial and deep Lymphatic health and draining makes it a most effective exercise for Lymphatic movement. Pilates has been proven to properly train you to feel your core to strengthen for correct muscle tracking and support for spine and back.  There are basic levels for seniors as well as the more challenging for healthy youth.  

Many practitioners and fitness trainers have varied thoughts of the optimal or ideal, in-depth exercise program; this can often depend on the targeted goal.  Some trainers may vary in experience, such as a fit younger trainer may not have the experience for those of maturing age with chronic issues, disc injuries, and low core muscle strength.  Those of a conscious and mindful nature though can draw from those that are experienced how to achieve optimal focused change compared to or in addition to a Silver Sneakers group.. Whereas Younger active individuals may need  more challenges with responsible direction to avoid injuries, for optimal aging.  So, search for the well-informed staff.  And consult with your health care physician as well as Advanced Bodywork massage therapist. Remember to remain within your recommended exercise heart rate.