EDS/BioEnergy Balancing

Introducing the BioEnergy Scans with the EDS according to Dr. Voll with equipment known for its consistency. Our BioEnergy Wellness Consultantion appointments start with assessing and understanding all aspects of your current health & wellness, including your past concerns and future goals.

Through the years in practice, Gary has provided Dr. Voll’s EDS Single Point testing for Nutritional Balancing.  We have now added the Bionetic Scans that evaluate the responses of the body to the various digital signals and their relationship to overall balance and energy flow. This process is called “BioEnergy Balancing” and is designed to assess impedances within the BioNet of the body, or the slowing down or blocking of the electrical aspect of the body that lies within the connective tissues. 

IcebergHuman ‘Wellness’ can be illustrated with the image of an iceberg.  Imagine the 25% of the iceberg that can be seen above the surface of the water and the 75% of the submerged body that can’t be seen by the eye.  Large ships depend on equipment or scans to view the vast body of the submerged 75% of the iceberg. 

Our symptoms are likened to the portion of the iceberg we can see.  It is what is beneath the surface that is actually influencing what is appearing in Your life above the surface.  To illustrate, this can all happen long before a diagnosis may occur, such as with the heart.  Medical science has found a person can have a heart condition and declining heart health up to 30 years before they have any medical symptoms.

Using this emerging wellness field of Bionetic Science with Voll Polarity point testing at HealthQuest Choices, will offer up new information about your journey towards wellness; uncover an incredible amount of energetic data that is active beneath the surface so that much can be accessed, understood and changed by balancing. These stress responses assist to indicate the basis of the cause of symptoms of what lies beneath the surface, making your Consultation at HealthQuest Choices a completely “individualized” experience.

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