heart centered therapy

Heart Centered Therapy

Alaya Chikly the developer of this method; now being used worldwide.
Heart Centered Therapy is a “Masterful dialogue technique to identify and release the emotional content of physical issues and injury in the tissue; and assist the client to a higher understanding that naturally dissolves resentment and resistance. It is a comforting approach to address traumas without relieving them either physically or emotionally, with a chance to reframe the experience.”

Research has found that the activity Reticular Activity (Alarm) System in the Brain and Memories of stress and traumas are stored in our Mind/Body. Scientific research has defined Mind/Body as the memories in your conscious and unconscious thoughts as well as throughout your whole body. There is also the cascading effect of dysfunction that begins to occur in the Endocrine system. In order to move out of this cycle it is important to access or reconnect with our ‘imaginable aspect’ of Mind/Body – that is visualization.
Reference, “Mindscapes” by Dr. Lee Woolley

Simply put; By using these dialogue techniques reconnecting through visualization, we can come to understand the meanings or motivations our thoughts have placed with an event. Making it a comforting way to access this cycle in our conscious or unconscious thought and the feelings of alarm our body is responding to – the Mind/Body. Making this a valid approach in disrupting and dissolving the biological and emotional cycles.

The Heart is connected to all our functions as well as the Endocrine system, and therefore appropriate to address within this cycle. If you are familiar with the scriptural meaning of the figurative heart, then you know our hearts come into play with motivation, the compelling force behind our conduct. Further represented as the vital aspect of the inner person; requiring examination to know what we feel…what is within our hearts. This masterful dialogue has the goal of allowing us this opportunity to reframe our experience – from a place of love.

“The Holistic approach honors the inner wisdom of the body with its innate healing mechanisms and it recognizes that emotional healing is possibly even more important than physical cures.”

– Dr. Woolley from Mindscapes reference by Dr. Michael Kearney

“As a clinical psychologist of 30 years, I have rarely experienced an analytical therapeutic approach that is more penetrating, thoughtful, and loving.  HCT cuts to the core and allows the client to work through their process with self-acceptance and no judgment.  The results are outstanding. ”

– Larry W. Ph.D.

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