What is the Language of Frequencies?

language of frequenciesDid you know that your biological cells talk to each other in remarkable universal language unique just to them? Imagine seeing two guitars in a room. Each guitar is placed on opposing walls. You personally walk over to one of these guitars and pluck the E string. Instantly this very same E string starts to vibrate on the other guitar on the other wall, even though no one has physically touched it. This dramatically shows that external frequencies can have an effect on physical things. Now imagine being grounded on a wet sandy beach, with ocean waves full of positive ions slapping at your ankles. The earth’s natural frequency of 7.82 Hz rising from the bottom our bare feet, mixing and blending with our own internal biological frequencies. You have probably noticed a similar feeling hiking or camping in a beautiful forest. This influences us, in a positive and dynamic way; our muscular energy, the balancing of our nervous system, and the hormonal balance of our brain. The results happen fast and are profound, a feeling of total peace and calmness. We don’t fight it, we willing let this wonderful earthly frequency resonate within us. Many reach out for the increasing popular life style application of “Earthing” in an effort to achieve the above… you now have another choice through HealthQuest Choices…see solutions.

All man-made waves...

Our homes and work environments utilize ultra-fast wireless WiFi communication. While using our personal devices, cell phones, computers and tablets using 5G, are pulsating large amounts of data, and streamed instantly without hindrance. These are amazing technologies we embrace, that we need and will never live without. Our vehicles use high-voltage sparks that ignite fuel in each piston of the engine along with the four rotating steel belted tires acting as large generators, all having one thing in common: they emit frequencies that discourage good energy and good communication between our biological cells. The effects can happen slowly or be much more subtle in some people compared to others with a low threshold or cellular resonance. In which case symptoms may present in a total feeling of stress and fatigue.

Solutions & Relief

If you are experiencing chronic health conditions, memory fog, irritability and depression, along with sleeping problems, a lack of peace and calmness, your biological cell communication may be diminishing…

By introducing healthy frequencies, we harmonize and recalibrate our cellular communication. We can powerfully offset this damage by detoxing, and energizing cells toward better health.

The Bio-Energy Pedant is composed of natural occurring magnetite particles, that can be infused with powerful non-digitized frequencies to address health concerns. The human body utilizes magnetite particles in our brain cells, as well as iron oxide in our blood. This allows a powerful communication pathway of cellular resonance between our cells and the frequencies programmed in each Bio-Energy Pendant…an opportunity for stabilizing and energizing.

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