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Your Immune System – Your Environment!

Areas for you to consider for Immune Environment…

AIR:   Keep a chemical free, clean home with humidity when it is dry and consider an air purifier.

Rainbow has a great little purifier that pulls in particles and keeps them bound when disposing of the goo, keeping particles from going airborne again, Super Easy to Clean!

Diffusing Essential Oils: Guardian high quality medicinal value oil.  You can use Thieves, but if you want the medicinal factor without the extra markup, Guardian is our choice of suggestion.

Diffusers:  In Arizona we love the misters; but for this season your life is worth the Nebulizer. Nebulizer for diffusing oil, is the tool of choice for diffusing the undiluted oil into the air where it can attach to the pathogens in the air and supporting a healthier  home environment.

Oral & Spritzer use:  You can place a drop or two in your mouth two or three times daily – especially when going into public places.

Drop about 10-15 drops into a 2 ounce atomizer spray bottle filled with filtered water, or half GF Vodka and half water, with E.O.’s and spritz your face and hands.

THE GUTImmune Support

Probiotics:  We handle a few Professional formulas for your best fit and time proven results.  Remember, “more is not necessarily better.”  Practitioners and researchers are seeing that more stains of bacteria are not necessarily giving the best results.

ImmunoFactor: IgG factor in the gut is a must to consider… and or high quality safe sourced Colostrum.

Immune Boosters:

Vitamin C:  Do you go for high powered Ascorbic Acid for Vitamin C?  Well, you can..  But European research has indicated where the virus is concerned, the synthetic C can drive the virus deeper into the tissue and can compound and create other problems later.  For this reason we do have an available non Ascorbic Acid C to avoid that possibility.   I’ve been the ultimate canary through the years reacting to Ascorbic Acid but not the enzyme and natural C blend…If you’ve been compared to a canary, that’s okay, the Canary’s were “normal.” Smile.

Call or Stop in for Herbal, Homeopathic and Holopathic Support to complete the Package.  We’re passionate about you getting the “biggest bang for your buck” with the quality you deserve.

Is there more you can do to boost your Environment and that of others?  Can you help avoid the Pandemic?  See next post…