Most Frequent Subject Clients ask about…

I Need Help! How Do I Take an Enema?

Now usually no one wants to do this unless their are issues, so that’s a reminder there are a lot of issues that exist with this function in our society.

So here is a guideline as a courtesy to our clients and future clients.  Provided for educational purposes only, as a basic guideline, you can adjust the fluids and ratios if done safely.  We invite you to read further, the Articles in “Be Informed,” under our Services menu for the Implant O’Rama.  It’s our choice when needed for the hygienic and sigmoid cleansing benefits.  These are more difficult to achieve without Colon Hydrotherapy.

Items Needed:

  • Fountain Enema Bag
  • Organic Coffee
  • Organic food grade Sesame Seed Oil or Coconut Oil as lubricant
  • Vodka GF – Tito’s
  • Towel – old or plush to lay on

Have your bag or Implant O’Rama rinsed, clean and assembled.  Lubricate your nozzle with oil.  Have 6-8 cups of Coffee prepared and pour into container to about 1/2 coffee to 1/2 ratio filtered water.  This ratio varies from Practitioner to Client/Patient and may require a weaker recipe, that is okay.  Temperature of your coffee blend should be approximately 98 to 100 degrees, this should feel comfortably warm. If it feels too hot or cool adjust the temperature by warmer of cooler water.  Hang bag about door knob height, remembering this is gravity flow creating pressure inside your bowel. (The Implant O”Rama does not use gravity flow.) Clear the line of air: Open clip that opens or shuts the flow line, letting coffee solution drain until air in lines can be heard with a slight sputter, close the clip. (Note when using Implant O’Rama this doesn’t happen.)

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere & Relax:

  • Lay on left side – Insert nozzle gently into rectum and open clip – allow bowel to take in 2-3 cups if possible.
  • Sit on stool and eliminate.
  • Repeat process until you have completed.  Some people can comfortably take in more than others.
  • You may also need to get up and walk around a little or stretch to assist evacuation.
  • For “Retention” enema, take in approximately 3-4 cups of coffee solution and retain for 5-15 minutes.  Turn onto your back after taking in the solution and retain while lying on your back.  This is to typically be done after you have evacuated stool from your rectum and allowed some time for the lower sigmoid to move stool out.  In other words toward the end of the enema.
  • Some have reported inability to take in any fluid, this may be due to impactions that require using the Castor Oil Packs that often help soften the stool; or medical indications.

After you have completed, disinfect with Vodka, rinse inside of bag with filtered water, you may use a ratio of vodka with water in keeping disinfectant properties, wipe the nozzle until clean using Vodka.  Do NOT use household disinfectant chemicals, these chemicals are very unhealthy for your body in this way, plastic is porous and will absorb easily.

When and How often do I use the Enemas?

  • Constipation while traveling.
  • Constipation you feel at the Rectum but cannot move out.
  • Liver Cleanse (once per month, seasonal or occasional)
  • Fevers & Flu – daily until symptoms subside
  • To assist a monitored detoxification program
  • Requested by your Health Practitioner

NOT for daily or long term use.

What if I have had years of constipation and told that I have adhesions?

We have CASTOR OIL PACKS available and assist in softening fecal matter in instances of impactions, adhesions can take a few different forms of scarred tissue.  Such benefits have been observed by many practitioners for over 50 years, (yes an oldie but still a goodie) a good adjunct to detoxification, enemas and Colon Hydrotherapy; also Advanced Bodywork of Lymph Drainage Therapy Techniques – LDT of Lymphofascia Fluid Release, and MFR Myofascial Release.